Comfortable support 

The Ossatec Arm Sling is a comfortable sling that provides excellent support to your lower arm.

Reduces Neck complaints 

The fixation strap runs across the healthy sholder and your back so your neck will be optimal released from annoying pressure. The result is more comfort for your broken upper- or lower arm compared to a standard sling.

Extra fixation

The Ossatec Arm Sling is also highly recommanded for stabilising the sholder and also in case of a broken collarbone. With the extra strap you can fixate your arm against your body especially in the beginning when every movement hurts.

Restore at night 

This is why you need a good support during the night when the body is relaxing and your arm will stay in place so you can support your recovery.

Sizes and kidssizes 

De Ossatec Arm Sling is available in 4 sizes, inclucing kids sizes. Size S is specially designed for kids to keep the arm in place during activities but also during nighttime.


Useful for:

- Upper arm fractures

- Lower arm fractures

- Collarbone fractures

- Arm- and shoulder injuries

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Ossatec Arm sling

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